About Siddhivinayak
Siddhivinayak Engineering started out as a fabricator for the transport equipment industry 25 years ago. Over a quarter of a century the company has added to its experience by building a strong team of technicians and a strongly dedicated work force. Today it is the most reliable trailer manufacturer, driving ahead its vision of supplying only the best of transportation equipment to the industry.

Quality is the prime focus and top goal at Siddhivinayak Engineering, whether it is the ingeniousness of design, materials used, equipments / components or the right kind of welding technology and other engineering inputs, only to bring out the best results.

The aim has always been to offer trailers and transportation equipments which are examples of fault-free service over long periods of time. This has enabled them to build a growing clientele with several opportunities of business, goodwill in the market and strong customer relationships.

Siddhivinayak Engineering is devoted to high quality engineering and their commitment to offer only the best has given them a name of reputation and has put them at the top of the business line, since the last 9 years of exponential success.

The infrastructure at Siddhivinayak Engineering

  • The engineering facility boasts working areas measuring over 15000 sq. Ft, across 8 acres of land.
  • A fully equipped, well maintained Sheet Metal Workshop.
  • A state of the art Machine Shop.
  • 3 heavy-duty, high power presses capable of 100 tons of pressure with the maximum shearing capacity of 8mm and bending capacity of 6mm.
  • A high tech machine shop with CNC Machines for fine work on critical components such as Kingpins, Axles, Braking Systems and Suspension Systems.
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