Dedication to Quality
  • High quality and superior braking systems for exceptional performance
  • Application and assembly of advances braking systems
  • The implementation of automatic slack adjusters are used for superior braking
  • Kingpins are manufactured from special quality EN8 bars
  • The innovation of gussets for adding strength and enhanced rigidity to trailer structure
  • Well equipped and fully stocked-up stores
Quality Mission
Superior design & fabrication is the hall mark of high standards of quality at Siddhivinayak Engineering.
  • Dynamic Loading: The chassing structure is designed to ensure that no bending or fatigue occurs when fully loaded.
  • Hitch weight for conventional, bumper Type Hitches: The axles, wheels, and tyres are properly matched and have sufficient capacity rating to support this load.
  • Center of gravity: Center of gravity is the focal point while designing every trailer at Siddhivinayak Engineering to carry a load with a high center of gravity and to prevent or diminish the tendency for the vehicle to tip over on curves or turns with little or no bonking on the road surface, a wide enough axle track is provided.
  • Suspension Design: Superior suspension design achieves optimum deflection and appropriatere-bound thereby achieving desired frame flexing to avoid any fatigue.
  • Wheel and Tire Diameter: The wheel and tire diameter are large enough to provide sufficient ground clearance. Insufficient clearance may result in the axle components dragging the ground in the event of a flat tire.
  • Axle Spacing: Axles are spaced to allow at least one inch of clearance between the tires under any loading condition.
  • Axles: Customized or branded axles assemblies such as TVS etc., are used as per the customers choice.
  • Matching Axle Springs: Matching axle spring are used. Longer springs help with the ride and load distribution from the frame.
  • Brakes Requirements: All axles are equipped with brakes using automatic slack adjusters for safer operation

Nitrogen Gas for Better Tyre Performance

Boring Machine

Suspension Cutting

Well Equipped Store

Superior Suspension

Superior braking system for superior performance

Application of advanced braking system

Application of advanced braking system

Automatic slack adjusters are used for superior braking

Kingpins manufactured from EN8 bars

Gussets offer strength and rigidity to the trailer

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