Why Siddhivinayak
  • Siddhivinayak Trailers are manufactured in complete compliance to Government Regulations.
  • Usage of reliable and sturdy Twist locks.
  • The best and competitive prices in the market.
  • All products are Multi-Prime Mover attachment compatible.
  • The best quality and appropriate steel is used for the fabrication of Chassis.
  • Trailers are shot-blasted before painting.
  • Optional platform and headboards.
  • Structural modifications such as stronger axles for taking on extra load.
  • Ex-Stock delivery.
  • Trailers available in dimensions of 2X20Ft/1X40Ft/1X20Ft.
  • All equipment and trailers manufactured by us are suitable for modern high-tech requirements.
  • Two speed landing gears.
  • Network capable of successfully operating service points all over the country for customer needs.
  • Added features of convenience such as spare wheel carrier, tool box, RUPD, SUPD, protection for palm coupling and multiple license plate holders.
  • A fully dedicated design team that researches changing market needs and brings in innovation.



Siddhivinayak Engineering is well equipped with the latest machinery, trained technicians and a dedicated work force to produce large number of trailers and vehicle bodies.

  • Machine shop: Machine shop with CNC laser cutting for fine machining of critical components such as kingpins, axles and braking systems suspension systems, etc.
  • Cutting machine: Cutting machine specially installed for tanker trailer and other critical job with -
    Rolling width: 3000 mm | Sheet thickness: 10mm Section bending: 100mm
  • Welding: A team of experienced and qualified welders with equipped MMAW and MIG welding facilities
  • Sheet Metal Workshop: 3H heavy duty power presses with 100 Tonnes power press with maximum shearing capacity of 8 mm and bending capacity of 6mm.
  • Power: Power connections of 200KVA and 100KVA generator for backup support.

CNC laser cutting machine

Cutting machine

Welding machine

Argon Gas & Oxygen Gas Plant for cutting & welding

Sheet metal workshop

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